First tee children's program starts Saturday, Sept 12th. 2-4 pm

Register online @

Call for more information. 

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Saturday's Tournament

Unfortunately, the tournament today has been canceled due to the excessive amount of rain we received last night. We will try and reschedule if possible. Sorry fun with the little white ball today. Stay the calendar on the site and/or this blog for further updates.

Before you buy your next set of golf clubs...check these links out!

As the title says click on the links below to check out some great reviews on the new clubs coming out this year. We are all looking for new clubs, either to replace the ones that have went past their useful life or we are searching for that miracle cure for our slice or want more distance. Either way, it is good to have someone review the clubs to help us make our selection. I am personally looking to either purchase a set of PINGS Ie yellow dots or a set of Titleist AP2s. I am always looking for the next best thing...never satisfied. Just a trait of mine. Hope you get some useful information for the sites I have listed:

We are live on the web!

There has been talk that we need a way to reach our members and show off the course. As of today, we officially have a website...Facebook page to follow. I hope you find this site informative and fun at the same time. In order to keep the site fresh and vibrant, I ask members to send in your photos and comments to the If you have suggestons on how to improve the course or just information you want to share about a positive experience, send it in to the email address referenced above. We will promptly read and reply to each of you and occasionally there may be special discounts for those that participate.

Facebook page alert!

I am working on the Facebook page, which should be up by the middle of next week. Everyone needs to send their pictures to or give them to the counter attendant so we can get them up on the Facebook page. Also, send ideas to the email address above so that the content will stay up to date on the courses hapenings.

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