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Cherokee Golf is a perfect venue for all your events.

We welcome you to contact us regarding an upcoming event, whether it be a small group of friends or a large business function.  We have discounts available that will lesson the cost of an event and leave more for prizes.  There are various club tournaments each year...some of which are very unique such as "Pitch and Putt", "Firecracker" and "Three Club".  ​ Check out the calendar to stay up-to-date.



Do you have a group of vendors you want to impress or a company team building exercise you want to set up?  Consider a golf tournament. We can handle up to 30 golfers plus others that may not want to golf, but want to just enjoy a day out with the group.  There is indoor and outdoor seating available plus a kitchenette for those last minute food items. (Larger groups of golfers are possible by special request)


Contact us if you have an event coming up and get the date of the event on the calendar.  If you want, we can send out an invite to your participants as reminder of the event with driving instructions.



There may be times when you have a family reunion where you would like to have a large place to meet and be able to offer a round of golf. Cherokee golf is the perfect venue.  We can close down the course for the event or just allow golfers to continue to play and not interfere.


Charity golf tournaments are a great way to raise money and deliver your message about your favorite charity.  We will place a link to your event on our Facebook page to generate more interest.


Contact us with your questions and comments.



If you want your golf team to work on their irons skills and how to shape their shots, Cherokee Golf course is a challenging course that will help profect your student athelete's skills.  Let us work with you to set up weekly or monthly practice time slots for your team. It is always hard to find venues for school events such as golf clubs, book clubs, chess clubs, etc.  Call us at (903-643-3571) or send a message and we can talk about how we can accomodate those type of events.

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