Beautification Project

I appreciate the input from several of the members on suggestions as to how could improve the looks of the course. The board is actively working to improve the course appearance and the suggestions are being considered. You will notice the new sand boxes at each tee box...make sure you use them to keep the tee boxes looking good. Thank you to Gwenyth for the donation of these much needed accessories. Keep watch out for continuous improvements.

I do ask one thing of all the respectful of the course and keep your distance from the greens with your carts and use the 90 degree rule when you can to preserve the fairways. This summer it gets very hot and the grass tends to dry out quickly. The least amount of cart traffic can help save them this summer from dying our and creating unsightly brown spots.

If some of you have suggestions as to how we can improve the cart paths without spending an inordinate amount of money...please let me and/or another board member know.

Happy golfing...

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